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Quite the Adventure

Joshua after the surgery

Joshua after the surgery

It has definitely been a long day today, but Joshua finally had the chance to get his teeth taken care of and is doing ok so far. Have to call the dentist in the morning though because within minutes of finally getting home, one of the all important spacers fell out. :/ Outside of that though and a bit of struggle waking him up from the anesthesia (we’re talking hours…), things went as expected with few bumps in the road.

David sure gave me a run for my money though while at the hospital. He was sooo hyper today and it seemed the only things he could focus on were his brother (at all the wrong times and in painful intensity at times) and his own little world he created for himself with the play dough a nurse gave him and his imagination. He got himself into trouble a few times because he wouldn’t quit climbing, tried to run off a few times, and managed to unplug a machine…

He also had some moments where his heart for his brother shown through strongly and even though I had to physically restrain him/hold him back more than a few times, it was nice to see the tight bond the boys have formed surface again. At one point, Joshua was scared of the mist the nurses had to spray up his nose to help relax him enough to make putting him under less stressful for him. David was in a nearby room behind me playing with some toys when he heard his brother’s cries of distress and came bolting out of the room determined to “rescue” his brother at all costs. Considering David wouldn’t even acknowledge anyone’s existence before that point (and rarely did afterward), that was a pretty big moment between him and his brother.

A few minutes later, when it was time to take Joshua back and David and me to the waiting area, we couldn’t get David out of the play room or to even acknowledge us until I said they were taking Joshua, it was time to go. Once again he came running out slightly panicked, and when he saw Joshua on the bed in the hall he demanded to know what was happening. Somehow he even managed to come across cute while doing so. lol Once the nurses and I calmed him down, a nurse offered to let him “help” push Joshua’s bed with her. David always likes helping so he agreed immediately, but then tried to take off running with it. >< lol Thankfully that only lasted a brief second thanks to the nurse in front. 😉

All in all, it was an adventurous day for us to say the least and we’ve been taking it pretty slow and easy tonight since getting back home. Tomorrow we start another adventure: get mommy put back together, try to get a hold of Joshua’s dentist about the broken spacer, and keep David calm and focused enough that he will still be able to function in martial arts class at the end of the day. Wish us luck. lol



  1. My heart goes out to you. You are doing such a great job!

    • Thank-you. I really appreciate hearing that.

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