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The Art of a Zebra

Today was a bit hectic because both boys were struggling to stay focused.  Yep, Joshua is feeling better so take David’s antics and struggles from yesterday and times it by two.  Two little boys that is. 😉  Oh well. lol  We still made it through the day at least and are back home now.  I am attempting to get these too attention impaired kids to clean up at the moment while I try to get some work done.  Let’s just say I am reminding them to get back on task an average of every 2 minutes. ><  Oh to have their energy level myself again.  Or to find a way to help them channel theirs so they could be more productive when needed. lol

David's Final Design_taggedToday is also the day I was able to get all the forms and final touches done on a contest the boys were wanting to enter. 🙂  They are both now officially entered into a t-shirt design contest for CEDSA (an Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome organization) and so am I.  The contest will be held on CEDSA’s facebook page and will be judged by number of “likes” each photo gets.  There are three categories too.  The boys are both in the children’s category and I am in the adults one.  The middle category is for teenagers.  The picture to the right is David’s entry for the contest.  David’s design includes a picture of him and a zebra wearing rainbow stripes in honor of their EDS.  When I asked him about it, he said he is proud of his stripes so I used that for the phrase I had him copy to his picture. 🙂

Joshua's Final Design_taggedJoshua’s is a zebra flower he says and is meant to add a bit of beauty to one’s life where there is normally a lot of pain.  (His words, not mine ^_^ )  Mine (shown below) is the one with a zebra and the hoof beats. The saying on it is meant to reference the phrase taught repeatedly in medical school that caused zebras to start being the mascot of those with rare conditions in the first place: “When you hear hoof beats think horses, not zebras.” The idea was to train new doctors to look for the more common first, instead of jumping to the conclusion of a rare disorder or disease.  The problem though is that the lesson is taught so often and focused on so much that a lot of doctors end up graduating with the problem of forgetting that medical “zebras”, although rare, do still exist and need to be watched out for.

The boys and I are all excited to have this chance to be in a contest like this and are hoping for the best.  I am so glad they are trying to reach out and challenge themselves like this though so I promised them that no matter what happens with the contest, I will make them a t-shirt with their design on it for at least themselves to wear.  They are pretty happy about that too.  If you would like to support the boys in their first contest though, we would all greatly appreciate it.  The voting starts on the 13th (this Friday!) and will continue through the 23rd of March and the contest will be held on the CEDSA facebook page (linked above).

Cindi's Final Design_tagged

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