An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

What a Change! :D

DAVID LET ME CUT HIS HAIR!!! Oh my gosh! After talking about it for a few days (he started the talk) and him going back and forth a bit as I helped him consider all sides, he brought me the scissors and asked for a hair cut! This is HUGE! Even bigger news though is afterwards, when I put him in the bath, he actually said “now it’s time to dump water on my hair” (aka get his hair washed). He HATES getting his hair wet, let alone washed! It has always been one of our biggest battles!

With me singing to him to help him stay calm and him practicing his breathing and the focus he’s been learning in his martial arts class at Empower Martial Arts​ he actually made it through the entire process (hair cut and complete hair scrub down/wash) without screaming, having a meltdown, or thrashing around in a panic! We haven’t had this level of success in this area in over 6 years!!

His hair has always been a big thing with him and I’ve chosen to let him decide how he wears it and have done my best to work with him when it came time to clean it and keep it brushed, etc. It’s always been a source of fighting and meltdowns though to an extent because there is only so much I can do before it’s time to just force him to get it clean and force him to hold still long enough to give it a good brushing through.

I am so proud of David for being so brave and for making such huge progress in self-control and self-calming. ^_^ I will post pictures soon. First though, I promised David I would let him Skype Grandma so he could see her first reaction. So Grandma! You hear that? Get on Skype! lol 😉

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  1. Teresa

    Good job David!!!!! i am very proud of you!!!!! ‘;-)

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