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Small Act of Kindness, Big Impact

1-Gift from Party Zone1-editedJoshua got an early birthday present/surprise yesterday when we were out hunting one last time for a Dusty (from Disney’s “Planes”) cake topper/candle. We never found what we were hunting for, but one kind and generous lady at a store called Party Zone made both my boys pretty happy and feel pretty special and I couldn’t thank her enough for that. ❤

She gave both boys free tiger print balloons after I had caught David getting into them, and then when she found out it was Joshua’s birthday the next day and we were having an unsuccessful hunt for a Dusty cake topper, she got out a small pack of balloons with Dusty and other planes from the movie printed on them and blew a few of them up for Joshua! No charge, just a gift to make him feel special. 🙂 She even tied them to a pretty weight so he could use them as a center piece for his birthday table. ^_^

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the tiger print balloons because the boys popped them on accident before I could take pictures, but Growlers (Joshua’s best buddy tiger) decided he would hold Joshua’s pieces long enough for a photo op so you all could see how cool the balloons were. : )

1-Gift from Party Zone13-edited

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