An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

The Passion Behind the Mission

I was talking to a friend the other night about some current DogForDavid projects we have in the works and people’s reactions to them so far as well as reactions to past events.  While talking, as usual my passion and the reason for it came up in conversation.  This time though, I finally found a way to word it in a way that gets straight to the point…

~~~Why I do what I do~~~

It’s easy to look at a child or adult with a disability and see the surface things. You can’t help but notice the struggles: the flapping, the wheelchairs, the stimming, the feeding tubes, or whatever the particular diagnosis or condition entails.

What I want though is to help people see past all that. I want to show them the person behind it all. The child, the adult, the human being. I want people to look at someone with Autism or CP or Ehlers-Danlos or any other condition and start seeing who that person really is: their hopes, dreams, abilities, fears, joys, triumphs, and trials.

It’s time for everyone to see past the labels and look at the person and I will not stop until I have reached as many as I can with not only that message, but the passion to pass it on as well. ❤


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