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Small Blessings, Big Heart

DSCF4520-taggedGood morning everyone! And Happy Monday to you too. 🙂 Hope this finds all the moms with special memories gained from yesterday, whether big or small. 🙂

Over here, my boys don’t understand Mother’s Day and are still working on grasping the concept of a calendar, special dates, and time in general. So no matter how many times they were told about it, they didn’t really get the point of the day supposedly being special/different. lol

However, they did do something spontaneous for me just a few days ago that meant a great deal to me, and it still does. They were coloring together and ended up taking two small pieces of paper and drew a bunch of pictures, folded them in half, and handed them to me saying “I love you Mommy”. Totally unprompted and so sweet. The little cards are barely the size of my thumb but they are so precious to me. I carry them around in my wallet now. 🙂

Sometimes it’s the small things (no pun intended lol) that can be the most precious. ❤



  1. gwenancarter

    These are adorable 🙂

  2. 🙂

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