An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Meet the Newest Idahoans

We FINALLY made it!  Got in late this morning, signed the papers, unlocked the door, chased David off of someone else’s stairwell and around the grounds… Yep, we’re official Idaho residents now. lol  Don’t have our mailbox key yet, but I was told I should have that by tomorrow.  Also waiting on getting a doctor’s note from David’s old pediatrician (from Kansas) so that I can prove our need for special locks on the front door and upstairs windows. Don’t need David escaping on me, but here having the kind of locks I need (Door Guardian) is considered a safety hazard so that’s why I need the doctor’s note to prove it’s a greater safety hazard to NOT have them in place where my family is concerned.

Also, just 4 miles down the road we found an amazing indoor playground!  My mom treated me and the boys to three months membership too so we can come back as often as we want. It comes complete with train tables, ride-a-long cars and a “road” to drive them on, and a HUGE netted in play area with stairs, a swing, bounce area, and slide!  Also, I can see everything from my seat, it’s not overly crowded, and David has already made friends. 😀  Even with all his flapping, stimming, and running around. ^_^  To top it off, the even offer free wifi access!  That’s how I am on-line writing this actually. 😉

Yep, we haven’t even been here a day yet, but Idaho is definitely is looking like an adventure that will be full of blessings. 🙂  I will do what I can to get pictures to you guys soon. 🙂



  1. Wonderful! So blessed to hear you are finally getting settled. May the Lord continue to make a way.

  2. So glad that you three made it safe ! Miss you all ! Sending hugs and prayers and love ❤

    • Thanks Becky 🙂 Sorry we’re still not active in the group again. I don’t have my own internet yet so can’t guarantee the ability to post pictures at the moment so I am needing to wait. How are you doing? Joshua sends hugs and a “hi” to you. 🙂

      • I am saving his mail for him so that he does not miss anything . I can not wait til next month i am doing cards a little different . Making them more fun for the kiddos . I am doing okay , more dr. appts , i have a appt tomorrow for my vision. I think of you 3 often wonder how you are ! You can if you want you can pm me i do not mind. Joshua has my heart. He reminds me so much of my 6 yr old grandson who also has my heart ❤

      • Thank-you so very much 🙂 And I pray your appointment goes well for you. Also, please feel free to add me on facebook or private message me as well. : )

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