An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Checking In

Idaho has been a good change for the most part so far. A bit overwhelming with all the boxes and getting things transferred and set up, but worth it. David has been having the hardest time adjusting, but he’s getting there slowly but surely. He has regressed a lot too from all the change and stress so we’re working with that as well. Any prayers, encouragement, and/or advice welcome on that front. Especially prayers and encouragement.  David is also having a hard time understanding that his Kansas friends (family friends, old neighbor, favorite police officer, the firefighters, workers at different stores/restaurants, etc) are not gone now just because he can no longer see them which is adding to his stress.  He is such a passionate kid.  David truly lives life out to the fullest extent possible in every way he can.  Normally I would say how good that is, but in times like this it really does backfire on the poor little guy. 😦

We have a new tv cabinet now too. If I ever can get a chance to catch David clothed while watching a movie (yeah, we’re having THAT problem again lol) I will take pictures of what he likes to do with the new cabinet. lol It has a small space right under the tv where he likes to curl his legs up in while watching his shows. I’ve also caught him more than once seeking quiet time in the empty space next to the tv, which is also inside the cabinet. He curls up into a ball, shuts the door (I’m working with him on that…) and just chills for a bit. He has always loved getting himself into tight spaces for calming help, but he has been both seriously seeking AND avoiding sensory input quite a bit more than usual ever since we got here. Half the time it even seems as if he’s conflicted by needing both at once. Poor guy, I definitely understand how that one feels (I have Sensory Processing Disorder myself).

Joshua for the most part is loving it here. He also is loving telling everyone he meets that he’s new to Idaho and that he came from Maize, Kansas. If people stay around long enough, he will tell them that repeatedly. lol   Joshua has been having some sensory issues and anxiety issues as well since getting here, but thankfully not as severe as David. Still working with him on it though. A lot of his is he is excited but also sad and a bit uneasy with all that’s happened at once with such a big move. Prayers for him are appreciated as well.

There is so much more to share, but I will save it for another time as I noticed this is already long. My tendency to be long-winded definitely hasn’t changed. lol

Thank-you everyone for your prayers and support. They mean the world to me and the boys. 🙂 Hope this finds you having a great day.


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