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Missing Treasure

CaptureAfter another night of not being able to sleep (having way to many of those these days), I decided to unpack all my big paintings and pictures. I don’t have the help to hang them yet, but I missed getting to look at them so I figured it would be nice to at least have them unpacked. Everything arrived safely and it’s nice to see it all again… except something is making me want to cry and having to hold back the tears…

A most precious gift, representing a friendship and support that meant a lot to me in Maize and that I still hold dear in my heart, is missing. 😦 My son’s painting from Officer Rhodes and the Maize Police officers wasn’t in any of the big painting boxes. 😥

I am hoping to find it, by some miracle, tucked away in a general box instead. It’s been really hard tonight because as much as it’s getting to me that the painting has been lost, David was right there helping me unpack all the paintings so he’s very aware of it’s missing status as well. 😦

A lot of good things have been happening here in Idaho for me and my family, a lot of precious blessings too. However, the trials and the painful things that have happened, have been few but very painful. This being but just one (and the lightest blow of them all which is saying something…). I could really use some prayers and any encouragement one might have to offer. Thank-you everyone.



  1. I will definitely pray that you find it. I believe in the power of prayer.

  2. Praying for you and yours.


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