An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Why is awareness and education so important? Read on…

In light of what we faced yesterday at the post office, I thought it would be a good time to re-share this post I wrote a couple years ago. Thank-you everyone for all the support you’ve shown my son, and others like him, over the years. Let’s keep it going! There is sadly still so much more to do. Thank-you.

An Autism Diary






Although the Autism community has come a long way in raising awareness, acceptance, and compassion we still have such a long way to go…  Those pictures above are screen shots I took of simple searches.  I got the idea to go try it after seeing a friend so upset she could barely communicate after she stumbled on something similar.  The results are painful to see, but sadly they are not shocking for me.  You see, David and I live this reality daily.  We’ve met many wonderful people and have been shown much kindness at times, but for every kind person we encounter and/or get to work with there are several more that are quite the opposite.

560204_10151720923453957_997907727_nJust yesterday I had someone react to David’s stimming and struggle to keep his shoes on by commenting on how I shouldn’t “bother other people with him”.  She wasn’t the first either and wont be…

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  1. Wow; what a shame people cannot see past their own ignorance.

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