An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Falling Balls of Flaming Dust Particles!

LOL Sometimes, calling something by it’s definition can be more fun. 😉

Last night and this morning was the peak of this year’s Perseid meteor shower.  Sometimes it pays to have kids that don’t sleep well at night.  It especially pays to not have anywhere to be in the morning too. 😉  We got to head out to a little park just  a few blocks from our apartment, set out our chairs, and proceeded to watch for meteorites shooting across the sky.  I lost count after 10. ^_^  The boys really enjoyed it too.  We’ve been learning about stars, meteors, and meteorites for a little while now so they were pretty excited to be taken on such a cool adventure.  And in the middle of the night no less!  Of course that was their favorite part at first. 😉 lol

In between sightings, we talked about everything from constellations, to meteors and meteorites, and God and His faithfulness and the personal miracles He’s done in our lives. 🙂 David was a bit frustrating to coral at times of course, but I wouldn’t trade this night for anything. ^_^ For those of you reading this while it’s still dark, go out and take a peak. We wish you the best of luck in seeing some. ^_^


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