An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Quite the Weekend :)

DSCF6346-taggedHad quite the adventurous weekend, between my front door breaking again and causing my kids and I to get locked out in the heat for hours, my son breaking off the toilet handle when attempting to flush it, and having my GPS system keep trying to take me in a completely opposite direction than where I needed to go on a major trip (thank God for Google maps and for me being uneasy enough before the trip that i took the time to look it up on there for backup directions).


0814151724a-taggedThe highlights were the boys got to go to a free Autism friendly carnival event.  They also got to go fishing on a real boat on a real lake (in a reservoir technically) and with a great boat captain thanks to a program that makes it possible to do exactly that for disabled kids. 🙂 Also, I got in a LOT of needed rest. Not by choice as much as I couldn’t wake up because I was that tired. haha Long road trips didn’t use to phase me, but they sure do now. lol We also had another great weekend at the church. They are truly so great there with my kids. Couldn’t be more thankful for the teaching either. We got their late due to the door fiasco mentioned above, but the sunday school teachers let my kids stay for the second round so I could go back and hear the whole sermon/Bible lesson.

DSCF6352-taggedThe best part of the weekend though? An abandoned puppy. Someone had dropped the poor girl off in my neighbor’s enclosed porch about 4am (I know because I was up doing laundry when the dog seemed to appear out of nowhere). When she didn’t have the ability to get it out again, she came and got me for help. By God’s sweet grace, the puppy wasn’t too heavy for me to lift and was also a real sweetie and fun loving pup. Thankfully around here, you can call 911 for help on something like this and they will actually help the dog, not put it down, so that’s what my neighbor did.

While we waited though, I got to have time with the puppy. Playing, cuddling, and just enjoying time together out on the lawn. It did my heart so much good to be around a dog again like that. I miss having a dog in my life so badly. I would have given just about anything to have been able to just keep the one, but anyone who knows me knows I couldn’t do that. Not good enough at training to take in a puppy (she turned out to be just 8 weeks old). Still, the memories have turned into a small treasure that I hold close and that still makes me smile. 🙂  Hindsight makes me wish I had thought to get pictures.


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