An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Some Sweet Surprises

The boys and I had a great day today! Between getting to go to church (twice as they boys love it there so much lol), finding out we have a mobile library that makes stops at the church now in the mornings (with a really kind librarian that runs it too ^_^), and getting a chance to drive out into the mountains (I love living so close to them now 😀 ) the day couldn’t get much better. 🙂

We also got to go exploring for a little bit yesterday evening around our new town. Most all of the shops were closed by the time we started our little adventure (they close sooo early around here), but we still managed to find a few treasures. 🙂 One of my favorites was a craft store that offers classes, sells supplies, and offers a place to paint ceramics that they will glaze and fire up for you afterwards. 🙂 My other favorite was a Christian sweets shop with some really good fudge and icecream. Get this though, the fudge is made with potatoes! Yeah, and you can’t tell it either when eating it. lol

School season is getting ready to start back up officially for us too around here and I am seriously missing all my precious book shelves now as a result. It’s hard to run school out of boxes. lol

The boys are currently upstairs playing with their trains (and David apparently has a straw again…. he likes to spin them around and around in his hands and pretend they’re train brakes). I am going to enjoy having the downstairs to myself for a little bit and try and get some stuff done that I’ve been putting off. lol


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