An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A Kleptomaniac With Humps

Got to go to an awesome place today! I will tell more when I have the chance to get the pictures uploaded, but for now I just got to say I had quite the interesting encounter with a camel. A camel named Larry tried to eat my watch! lol
I was in all my braces, including the wrist ones, so my watch was strapped on with one of the closure straps so I could still wear it. Then we met Larry. We fed him, pet him, and played a little while trying to get pictures. At one point Larry even leaned down and kissed my cheek. lol Then, he mouthed my wrist and when I got him to let go, my watch was missing. lol Thankfully the guide was able to find and retrieve it though. Had to reach in his mouth and pull it out. My watch was covered in camel spit. haha How many people can say they had a camel eat their watch, huh? 😉 lol
David had quite the interesting interaction with Larry too. The guide was explaining that the camel has no teeth on top so the “bites” don’t really hurt. As if in an attempt to demonstrate the truthfulness of this, Larry mouthed the guy’s hand and wouldn’t let go. The guide had to open Larry’s mouth to get his hand back. haha
Now insert David into the equation… I give you one guess what my little curious adventurer with no fear did. He walked right up, shoved his hand at Larry’s nose, and laughed his head off when Larry mouthed it. That’s right, David’s hand was up past the wrist inside a camel’s mouth! And David? He was giggling and laughing of course. lol What am I going to do with this child? He definitely helps keep life interesting. 😉

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