An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Adventurous Sunday

Been an adventurous Sunday evening to say the least. Got to go to church for one of their evening services, heard a great (and comforting) message while the boys had fun doing crafts and learning about Noah’s ark. Then the dinner crew saved 3 hotdogs for the boys and me so we could have dinner there after service (they serve it every sunday but sometimes they run out before I can get the boys out of the classroom and through the line).

Then David escaped out through a door no one realized had an exit that led outside so a search had to be started for him. That was fun. NOT. lol Afterwards though, some people gathered outside to watch the moon eclipse and a lady that had befriended me and the boys invited us to come watch too and everyone helped me keep David safe while we were out there so we could enjoy the experience. One of the men there knew a lot about the science behind it all so we even got to listen to some pretty cool explanations as to why and how the red color was formed and other neat things. 🙂  David really loved the part where the moon started turning red, but once he found a dirt pile, he dropped to the ground and just dug and played in the dirt for the rest of the time; letting it run through his fingers and enjoying the feel of it as he dug into it with his hands.

When we got home, David got on the piano and started practicing some songs out of the beginners book of hymnals for the first time and did pretty good. He was excited to hear himself succeed at playing the songs he always enjoys hearing me play. I was really proud of him. ^_^ After piano time, I took the kids back out to get one more look at the moon before the eclipse completely ended and the boys really enjoyed it. 🙂 On the way back in though, David took a sudden turn to the left and disappeared into the darkness. Once again, I found myself searching for him and calling out his name to no avail.

Thankfully, some neighbors were out too at the time and they saw the direction he ran. At some point he managed to sneak around to the opposite end of the grounds because when he was spotted again, he was back in the yard area by our apartment and running inside. I have to admit I was so furious with him. I know he doesn’t mean to cause trouble and his running is more of an impulse thing than anything else, but man it scares me so badly and I would give just about anything to not have to worry about him doing that anymore.

Going to be taking it pretty easy for the rest of the night. Finally have a Door Guardian lock in place on the front door so I can keep David in and I won’t be needing to go outside again for anything until morning so we should be good for the night.

Did anyone else get a chance to see the moon eclipse tonight?  I would love to hear about your experiences too. 🙂

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