An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Doctor Results

So many doctor appointments lately. Getting to a place where our needs are being listened to and finally met is great, but it sure has turned out to mean a lot of doctors and appointments. The latest two were an allergist appointment for Joshua and a physiatrist for me.

The latter went simple enough. I left with encouragement that they did indeed understand EDS and what I was up against. I was also listened to about my weak shoulder (it doesn’t like to stay in it’s joint anymore ever since the injury with a walker after my ankle surgery). I was given a prescription for a medicine the doc said would take care of the pain from all the nerve damage I was dealing with and a script for specialized PT services to help build up my strength around my joints. Bad news is, when I went to pick up the medicine, the pharmacist said that medicaid refused to cover it so I can’t have it unless my doctor fights back and wins. Will be calling in tomorrow to the doc to see what she wants to do.

As for Joshua and the allergist, we got some good news and some bad news. We also have to follow up with blood work test to check on a few more items. Good news, he didn’t react to over half the things I thought he was allergic to during the allergy test. Bad news… well really the bad news is two fold. 1) He still reacts when he eats or comes in contact with those foods, and he reacts badly. That means he is either allergic to a component (part of why we have to get the blood work done) or it isn’t allergy issues that we’re dealing with at all but rather an autoimmune disease or Mast Cell Activation disorder… Not cool. Poor Joshy. 😦

He did show up allergic to some things though during the test. Most of which surprised me. For one, he showed up highly allergic to dust mites, sage brush, and some weed we have in abundance out here (can’t remember the name right now). He also turned out to be allergic to dog and cat dander. :/ The scariest and most confusing one though was peanuts.

Joshua started out in life reacting badly whenever he came in contact with peanuts, but when he was around 5 he stopped reacting all together and has since eaten a lot of peanut butter crackers and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He never showed any signs of reacting to those things though when he ate them. The doctor is going to be adding a special marker to the blood work to double check the peanut allergy because of that and said to not withhold the peanut butter yet since there hasn’t been outward signs of reaction.

As for David, well let’s just say he is still being very much him. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes it makes him quite the handful, but I still love him to pieces. Sometimes I just have to remind myself it is all worth it while I am trying to not pull my hair out in frustration. 😉 lol


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