An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Age and Size Don’t Mean Everything

Ever have those moments where even though you’re generally not a confrontational person, you feel an overwhelming urge to shove some awareness and understanding down an arrogant, know-it-all’s throat??? Yeah, I had a moment or two of that today. I restrained myself of course, but the tone in my voice picked up a slight growl for a second or two and I know I had a look on my face that couldn’t be ignored.
Today was another constant struggle with David day and sometimes I have no choice but to still get out and do “life” on days like that. Appointments, and other things can’t always wait until David finally connects again and is doing fine. Oh how I wish I could just push a button and either make David cooperate or make others show a bit of compassion and patience. Uggh… At least we managed to not get kicked out of our bank this evening.
David ran off for the umpteenth time on me today while in the bank and managed to break into their back office area… I was doing everything I could to prevent it and also everything I could to get him back when it happened, yet one of the workers still had the nerve to wait for me to finally have him back in my grasp and then look down her nose at me and say in a not so kind of tone, “You should keep your kid out of there. He should know better.”
It probably wouldn’t have gotten to me so much if it hadn’t already been a long and challenging day, she hadn’t already been a rude and arrogant know-it-all with a bad attitude before David got in trouble, and her tone hadn’t been so full of obvious disgust and hate when she tried to get after us for David’s incident. Because all of those things did happen though, I am just grateful I had enough self-control to not slap her and storm out. I did however make it clear she needed to step back and chill (I used more pc language with her I promise lol) and that if she couldn’t I would take my business somewhere else. I am not sure if it’s what I said, or the slight hint of growl in my voice as I said it, but she sat back in her chair, wiped the smug and arrogant look off her face (after one last shot of disgust in David’s direction), and played nice the rest of the time.
I know David is big. I know he is now 8 years old. I know other kids his size and age are generally better about staying with their parents, not running off randomly, and keeping their hands to themselves in stores and offices. None of that changes the fact though that David simply can’t meet the expectations society places on him because of his age and size. It’s not that we don’t try because believe me we do; it’s just that he’s still a toddler in his mind and a young one at that. Oh how I wish it was easier to get people to understand. :/


  1. hellodolly71

    I understand. My son is Autistic and 16 years old. Life skills proves to be a bit difficult for him and his mind set is probably more on a 10 year old level.

    • Thank-you for the comment. It helps to be reminded sometimes that I am not alone in it all. Wishing and hoping for better public acceptance and awareness for all four of us. Would definitely make outings easier on our sons as well as ourselves.

  2. My prayer is for people to really understand! It would make life so much easier


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