An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Daily Thanks: 13

Thankful for my mom and the fact she had the grace and the technology to find my location and lead me out of the mess that I got myself into in downtown Boise tonight. Thankful how God led me in enough of a maze right beforehand that even though I ended up hopelessly lost, I did finally stumble on a place I could stop and let David go potty before he wet the carseat. Thankful for pain medicine that I was able to use to take the edge off my tension headache turned migraine that was threatening to become the size of Texas. Thankful for David’s eventual shut down as that meant he was no longer panicking and was now peacefully asleep instead. Thankful for my mom’s ability to talk Joshua into letting church go tonight for Mommy and Brother’s sake. Thankful to finally be back home, with dim lights, pain meds, and a blanket. Thankful that the doctor that had me see her in Boise today, promised to never make me do that again (she has a Meridian office too).
Even the bad days have things to be thankful for in them. One just has to keep their eyes open. lol

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