An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Abundance of Blessing (Daily Thanks: 15)

Sitting here after a rough few days and a painful weekend, nursing my most recent injury and watching Thomas the Train movies with the boys.  We called in a pizza for dinner, and I baked a round of cookies for dessert (the place n’ bake kind 😉 ).
As I pulled up my blog to start thinking of my “daily thanks” entry for today, I couldn’t help but sit back and think about how much could be said and how much is typically taken for granted.  Even things I didn’t get to see or experience for myself today are things I am thankful for simply because I know they exist.  Things like sunrises and sunsets, beautiful mountain ranges so close to home that I get to see them on practically a daily basis, fresh air, bright blue skies, a beautiful bubbling creek lined with trees displaying their Autumn splendor…  Just the memories of these things from a day or two ago is enough to make me smile all over again, just like they do when I have the health to be out among them.

Then there are the things that are such a part of our everyday lives, they could be considered “commonplace” by some.  Things like my car starting without any trouble, working brakes, lights in the home, a reliable heater in the winter and a/c in the summer, clothes on our backs, food in the fridge, money for the bills… I guess a part of me is more sensitive to these kinds of things because I’ve known what it’s like to live without them (or with not enough of them) before.

I could add to my list the countless smiles from my boys and the laughter that fills the house even on the hardest days, even if for just moments at a time.  The hugs, the cuddles, the childhood innocence and active imaginations.  The priceless memories being made each and every day that I am blessed to be a part of.  The youthful energy and excitement that David puts into everything he does and discovers.  The thoughtful way Joshua plans things out, some big and some small, for the people around him simply to see them smile.  Even the meltdowns and anxiety attacks hold things to be thankful for if one looks hard enough.  The blessing of being “mom” still being enough to my boys for them to feel safe and secure.  The continued strength to be able to hold David close when he’s thrashing around in a panic and needs deep pressure to settle down.  The peace that comes after the storm when once again I get to rest in the Father’s arms as my precious child rests in mine.

No list would be complete without also including the blessing of friendship.  Friends, both new and old, have blessed my life and my days and I wouldn’t be the same without them.  Some friends are even so close, they are more like family to me.  Some friends I have lost touch with for one reason or another, but their memories still hold a special place in my heart and mind.  I have friends that keep me accountable, ones that keep me humble, and still others that lift me up.  I have friends I can rely on to share a good laugh with, and some I know I can cry with.  Some friends walk the valleys with me, some only meet me on the mountain tops, but they all have their purpose and worth in my life.  I pray that my friends can say the same of me.

There of course is so much more that could be listed here as I think of all the reasons I have to be thankful.  The biggest thing that I can’t help but note however is that though my life has been difficult and has seen plenty of hardship, it also has definitely not been void of blessings.  Whether the clouds are bright blue or cloudy gray, I have always been able to find something to truly be thankful for and that’s something I aim to never lose sight of. ❤




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