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Christmas Blessing

carolsbycandlelight902303052022-flippedThis week has been a bit of a whirlwind and filled with our own class of crazy as usual. I’ve been struggling to keep my spirit in the right place too as hard thought out plans keep going by the wayside as life just takes over. Tonight though, at Christmas Eve service, something very precious and personal took place. In the midst of all the restless movement, tears from the music being too loud (sensory issues), moving out to the hall, dancing with David, and trying to listen to the sermon and keep the boys from running off at the same time, something happened that really meant alot to me tonight. I got to share a special communion moment with Joshua.

He has not been baptized because he can’t handle the sensory overload that it would throw him into, but he has demonstrated time and time again that though his years are young, his faith is pure and strong. He loves Jesus and has a heart for God. He has even surprised me by reaching out in moments that normally would be ones he shies away from and using the gift of being a child to make a new friend and soften a hardened heart, telling them about Jesus and about how much He cares and even sharing his personal stories of how Jesus has been there for him.

So tonight, when someone brought the communion tray out in the hall for us so we wouldn’t be left out, and Joshua asked what it was and wanted to take part, I included him. We talked about Jesus and what it means to follow Him and trust Him to lead and guide us. We talked about His sacrifice and how important it was so that we could be with Him. Then I split my wafer in half, and shared half my juice, and we prayed together thanking Jesus for what He has done so that we could know Him and be with Him.

Christmas Communion shared with my son. No better Christmas present for this mom than that. ❤


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  1. So wonderful!

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