An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Hope for David

Hope is such a powerful thing. Especially when it starts getting extra feedings from outside sources and not just from memories or inward thoughts and beliefs.

Took Joshua to his first Physical Therapist appointment the other day. She can help him.

Had David with me (of course) and he was wild, disconnected, running, getting into everything, scattered…. (of course…)

I was a walking wreck. Boys had stayed up almost all night again. I had gotten a little over 3 hours of sleep before this appointment. Every ounce of my strength and energy was being used to put on a smile, try not to tremor and shake so much, keep track of David, and do my best to still pay attention to the therapist.

The therapist noticed. She noticed it all. She can help David too.

I left that office with the promise of help that I’ve so badly needed for so terribly long. I even got to stand there as someone else for a change helped get David down yet again from the stairs and away from the toy room. I got to wait quietly on the side as someone else for a change took on the task of keeping David from running away or from getting hurt due to his curiosity and lack of danger awareness.

I got to listen as I dealt with only one boy for a change (Joshua was having a mild overload towards the end because David was so wild and overwhelming) while the therapist took the first steps towards keeping her promise of help. Arranging for the needed referrals (OT, PT, Behavioral, Speech), checking into where we would be served best and quickest, working with the front to coordinate scheduling so as to keep my calendar as calm as possible. (Think it’s hard taking David out once? At least he’s still happy when it’s just once or twice. Try wearing him out by taking him out daily and see what happens…)

All wrapped up with a caring smile and skillful, kind, and calm interactions with my son.

Hope. Such a beautiful and powerful thing.

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