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The Sky is No Longer the Limit

IMG_1681 -taggedSomething positive for the day:

My sons got to go for a ride on a real plane today. 🙂 We stood in line for two hours for the chance which definitely wasn’t in the plans, but considering how huge a fan Joshua is of Dusty and planes in general, getting out of line was out of the question. lol It was worth it though as my boys truly enjoyed the experience and it’s not something I would have had the means to provide for them on my own. To help the line time go by, there was a magician there too that would come through and show different magic tricks and even had a dove that he let the children pet. Joshua got to hold it at one point too. 🙂

IMG_1672 -taggedSomething to be thankful for today:

I had checked ahead to make sure there would be a way for me to ride with the boys because I knew they couldn’t go up on their own. By the time we finally made it to the front of the line though, the extended standing on a bad ankle and with unreliable knees took it’s toll and I was unable to climb into the plane the boys were put into. I begged the pilot and the volunteer that was helping organize the rides to not take the boys off and for a chance to see if there was a teenager or adult who would be willing to take my place to keep an eye on the boys so they could still ride. When the situation was presented to the people that were still lined up inside the hangar, a father volunteered to take my place so the boys wouldn’t be forced to get off.  A true gift from God in my opinion.

IMG_1655 -taggedThe pictures from the plane ride are courtesy of my son Joshua.  He’s getting quite good with my camera. 🙂  As for the plane ride itself, this proves what I knew all along.  The sky may very well be the limit for some, but my boys were destined to rise above. ^_^

This was all made possible because of a local charity that works with at risk youth.  They put together this event to help raise awareness of their organization and to raise funds for their next project with the kids they help, building a plane!  You can learn more about them hear.  Go check them out. 🙂

IMG_1674 -tagged
IMG_1678 -tagged

IMG_1667 -tagged

IMG_1684 -tagged

The pilot with the boys shouting, “We got to fly!” ^_^

IMG_1651 -tagged

This is the magician that helped entertain the kids.  He had a fun variety of tricks to show them and was a definite hit. 🙂

IMG_1653 -tagged

Here he is making Joshua’s dollar bill levitate!  Still can’t figure out how he did this one. lol  Joshua let the magician borrow his brand new, crisp dollar bill and almost started to cry when it was promptly wadded into a ball.  Then the magician let go and the bill stayed in the air!  Joshua got over the tears fast when he saw that and now treasures his wrinkly bill as it was the one that “was made to fly”. 🙂

IMG_1648 -tagged

This is the magician’s pet dove that he let the kids pet.  Joshua even got to hold the pretty bird at one point. 🙂

This has definitely been a day filled with memories that will last a lifetime. ❤






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