An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

We have a new team member :)

David met a new doctor yesterday. His first GI doctor to be exact. The guy was great and so was the student he brought in that was shadowing him for the day. He came into the room already aware of David’s Autism and prepared for creatively handling the behaviors that are most common with David in a doctor’s office. That was nice to see happen and I can’t help but think Jordan (our primary care doc) had a lot to do with that. 🙂   His student was even great with David and went along with the flow with great ease and skill. Even though David kept changing things up. lol

Best part though is we now have a plan in place to start trying to help David with his GI system. And it doesn’t involve meds as the doctor thankfully understood the barriers that have been making getting meds down David practically impossible (even hospital grade nurses couldn’t get meds in this kid and they tried every trick in the book). Glad to have this guy on our team. 🙂

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