An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Learning Adventure

IMG_2218-taggedYesterday, a nearby city celebrated Public Works Week by having an event to help teach kids about the different companies and people that help keep a city running smoothly  and keep it clean.  Plumbers, disaster response, street sweepers, street stripe painters, construction workers, building inspectors, water works, and more!  We got there a bit late so didn’t get to do everything there this year, but we still had a couple hours of learning adventures that the boys will not soon forget. 🙂

IMG_2311_taggedWhile learning about building codes and what it takes to get approved to build a house, store, or other building in the city, the boys got to fill out their own “applications” where they filled out their names, named their projects, came up with an “address”, and then were given the materials to build something of their very own.  A bird house!  David named his Birdtopia and gave it the address 617 Bird Lane.  Joshua named his Bird House for Nice Birds and gave it the address 315 Nice Bird Lane.  They were both complemented on their choices; David for being the most original name of the event and Joshua for thinking ahead at making sure his birds would be bully free. ^_^

That was definitely the biggest part of the event for these two, but they also got to explore different trucks, machines, and even a robotic camera that helps check for plumbing problems in the city pipes.  They really liked that one. 🙂

IMG_2325_taggedWhile David took a break, Joshua even got to learn about the different layers of the ground and how wells are dug and how they work.  He was a little surprised though when he found out he had to “drink” his finished project (everything used was food or drink) and refused to do it. lol  I need to look up the project myself to see if I can replicate it at some point.  It was really well thought out. : )

Idaho continues to be a place full of surprises and opportunity for us.  So many opportunities out here to get more involved in the communities and to learn new things; and most are Autism friendly too.  I have been so thankful to see that the majority here tend to accept (and in some cases even understand) Autism and all that can come with it at times.  We still have our barriers with David’s running and lack of danger awareness, and some issues with connecting on more personal levels with smaller groups as he stands out more in those situations, but at the same time we have also broken down a lot of barriers that once held us back so much.  Very grateful for that and am looking forward to continuing the journey to see where it can take us. ❤

In the mean time, enjoy these pictures from our latest adventure. ^_^






Hope you enjoyed these pics from the boys’ learning adventures.  May many more be yet to come and may we never tire of looking for them. ^_^




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