An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Through My Sons’ Eyes

What happens when you give two young boys access to your camera to help take pictures? Well it depends on the boy. lol
I let each son have charge of the camera to help take pictures of their brother while I helped them make their bird houses. Joshua tended to focus so much on the actual hammering and other work that he continuously cut David out of his own pictures. lol David? Well, David is David and I am getting used to him and his lack of focus. With constant reminders from me of what he was supposed to be taking pictures of, he managed to get a few good ones in of Joshua working. I had to search for them though amongst all the pics of random people and things which included even a pretty good picture of my keys and lanyard laying across his boots. lol


It’s fun getting the camera back after the boys have been using it. It feels like I am getting a small glimpse into how they see their world. ^_^


Joshua’s View:

David’s View:

Love my two. lol ^_^

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