An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Homeschooling at the Park

IMG_2561-taggedThe boys and I have chosen to do a camping theme for our homeschool this month and that meant I have had to get creative on how to help them have some of the experiences even though it is still not safe to take David on an actual campout yet.  To the delight of us all, we recently discovered a quite sizable park within a few minutes of our home that has a quiet, open, and peaceful area of just the right size for laying out a blanket, playing in nature, and even looking for constellations in the night sky.

IMG_2567-taggedDavid and Joshua have explored making temporary art with leaves, pine cones, sticks and other things they can find lying around on the ground.  I moved their story time to the park too as I’ve found they enjoy hearing about the adventures of the Boxcar Children while they work on their art projects and lay on the ground watching the clouds.  David has also taken to building pretend campfires to roast pretend marshmallows and hotdogs over as he is so excited about that part of camping. ^_^  We even sang around the “campfire” and while looking at the stars to “complete” the scene.

IMG_2570-taggedWe’re hoping to be able to measure trees in the next couple of days to help us guess their age, build our own mini waterfalls, and practice camping safety with a game called “Whistle Hide and Seek” that teaches the kids to blow a whistle if they get lost or when they hear someone else blowing their whistle so the group can reunite.  If that one works out well, I might even try incorporating it into more of our daily life if I can find a way to do so.  David is still a runner and it would be nice to have something like this if he could be counted on to follow through with it.

IMG_2578-taggedSo far this area of the park has been working out well.  David has run away a few times, but it is bordered by trees that have helped keep him from leaving the area, and it is a wide open space so he is much easier to keep track of even when he runs.  Joshua has been a huge help in getting him to come back too when I can’t get David back on my own.  Both boys are loving the exploration of nature, the time outdoors, the stories, and the chance to run around and be loud.  Joshua especially has taken a liking to that last one. lol

I am hoping that this new discovery lasts for a while as it has been nice to be able to share my love of nature with my sons like this. 🙂


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