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S’mores and More

IMG_2633 _taggedThis month the boys and I have been enjoying a camping theme for school.  We’ve been blessed to find a lot of great parks nearby to play and learn in and have had the chance to try a lot of new things.  One of those things being building our own solar oven and cooking some s’mores inside on a nice sunny day.  I posted a pic of the boys’ enjoying their first tastes of the popular camping treat a few days ago when I realized that we just happened to have done this particular science experiment and treat on National S’mores Day.  That was a fun surprise to discover. : )

Camping CatastropheAs promised, below are more pictures from our adventures with the solar oven and s’mores plus a few from an experiment that didn’t quite work out as planned: our potato powered clock.  We will be trying that one again soon for sure. 😉   Considering all the “catastrophes” (I am using that word lightly lol) we ran into while building our oven, trying to cook the s’mores, and attempting the potato clock experiment, (we even got chased out of the park by the sprinklers suddenly coming on), I am starting to think my choice for story time was badly planned. haha   We read Camping Catastrophe! by Abby Klein that day.  The boys enjoyed the story so much they had me read it from start to finish before we even ate our s’mores.  Considering it’s a chapter book, that’s saying something for them. lol

I hope you enjoy the pictures and that this finds you all having a fun day. ^_^  Please comment below if you have any fun camping memories to share of your own. 😀

IMG_2624 _tagged

IMG_2625 _tagged

We added more chocolate shortly after taking this pic.  We were not expecting over half of it to fall off during the process. lol

IMG_2637 _tagged

IMG_2629 _tagged

IMG_2631 _tagged

IMG_2633 _tagged

IMG_2642 - Potato clock screen shot1 _tagged

IMG_2642 - Potato clock screen shot2 _tagged

IMG_2642 - Potato clock screen shot4 _tagged


IMG_2642 - Potato clock screen shot3 _tagged

IMG_2642 - Potato clock screen shot6 _tagged

My ever distracted David started turning his wire into an art piece much to the frustration of my ever black and white serious little scientist Joshua who is seen here trying to “remind” David that they’re supposed to be doing science not art. lol

IMG_2646 - Potato Clock screen shot

IMG_2651 _tagged

Caught in the sprinklers!  They were running across the field when the sprinklers suddenly turned on and sprayed them sending them into a moment of confusion and distress.  When they saw me signing and shouting to them to run to me fast though, Joshua pointed the way and they both came dashing into my arms to escape the water.



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