An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Have Book, Will Travel

After a couple months of increased doctor/therapy appointments for the boys and increased outings and field trip opportunities for school, I got hit hard with another round of weakness which led to getting pretty sick.  I guess the feeling of finally being strong and stable again after so long got the best of me and I ended up over doing it.  Currently I am still trying to bounce back again from an illness that held on for 2 and a half weeks. Seems I am weak more often than I am strong these days. Definitely not something I am used to, which is why I keep overdoing it on accident when I finally start getting strong again. I am trying to adjust to the new reality and am slowly but surely succeeding.

In the mean time, the boys have finally caught a love for reading and for hearing stories read to them beyond the basic board book or stories that just simply retell their favorite movies.  The mom and teacher in me are both shouting for joy over this new development. ^_^    I have jumped on this new love of theirs and have started introducing to them to what I like to call “traveling through books”.  We’ve explored abandoned islands, lived out of an old box car on a forgotten track, traveled across the country with Alice Ramsey on her pursuit to be the first to drive across America, explored galaxies in outer space, hid nervously in our tents while a bear rummaged through our camp in the woods, rode along with firefighters as they went to put out forest fires, helped a detective solve his case, and so much more.  Oh the adventures that can be had when reading a good book and all from the comfort of the bed, living room floor, or the all time favorite couch.:)

Our most recent reading adventures took us to China and Japan as we explored their cultures and learned about their Moon Festival, which turns out to be the Asian version of Thanksgiving. I thought that was pretty neat. 🙂  We read about the legends of the Jade Palace on the moon and those who live there and the boys and I even picked up a few Japanese words. We are working on learning more but so far only two are successfully sticking in our memories. lol  We also watched videos on-line to accompany the stories we were learning and got to see some amazing dragon dancing ceremonies, lion parades, and other celebrations.

I am looking forward to incorporating some of the crafts as well that we discovered in one of the library books on Japan, but will have to pace it out based on my energy.  No more overdoing it for me. lol  I don’t like being down for the count due to something I could have prevented if I had just been more careful. 😉

What kind of adventures have books taken you on recently?  We would love to hear about it in the comments and if you have a book you would like to recommend, please tell us!  It might just become our next adventure. 🙂  The boys send their excited squeals of delight in advance as a thank-you. 😉


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