An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Relaxed and Happy

img_4235-taggedWe took a slower pace for David’s birthday this year to help him stay calmer with the hopes of the violent overloads not showing up from too much stimulation. For the most part it worked which I am thankful. ^_^   It took us all day to open 4 presents and we didn’t get to the cake baking, but it was definitely easier on him than years past. 🙂
We enjoyed a birthday dinner at McDonald’s where we all ended up making a new friend with a lady who sat near us and Joshua struck up a conversation with. She was really sweet and we found out that all her children are grown now and she delighted to have the boys share their special day with her like they did. Well the feeling was mutual as David and Joshua truly enjoyed her smiles and willingness to share her time. 🙂
img_4243_taggedWe also attempted a quick run to the store because we ran out of milk only to find the store was out too.  What irony. lol   David enjoyed seeing his Walmart friends though and wanted to explore the store. Since he was doing better than usual at staying near me I granted his request and both boys enjoyed looking at sparkly rings, checking out the Christmas section, saying hi to their fish friends, and exploring the toy isle for things to play with.. We had one incident when he found a Boulder from Rescue Bots and I had to put my foot down and remind him we weren’t buying toys today. He worked himself up so much over that he ended up sending himself over the edge sensory wise. We worked through it though and his smile returned when a kind worker struck up a fun conversation with him and laughed at the jokes David attempted to share with him. ^_^
All in all, today was a slower pace, but a great birthday. David felt special all day and enjoyed many big smiles, some calls to and from his favorite people, and hours of relaxed play time. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday for him. ❤

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  1. Wonderful!

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