An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Impromptu Field Trip

img_4438-taggedThankful for a small break from reality tonight. The boys and I took an impromptu field trip up a mountain side and to a famous local historical site.

We got to learn about a local battle, see the flag wave as part of a memorial for 9-11 that was added after the fact, and get a real good look at the super moon tonight as it hovered over the top tip of the mountain we we were on. It was big enough that even my simple point and shoot managed to get a pic worth keeping. 🙂 Not an amazing pic, but at least something more than a white speck on black which is the usual result of me trying to take pics of the moon. lol

img_4417-taggedWe also got to look out over the side of the mountain and down into the valley below. The city was far enough away that the lights looked like Christmas lights. Joshua said the furthest edge looked like twinkling stars. ^_^ It was nice to get that little trip in tonight. For the moment, we were just a mom and her kids again. A trio, a team, out having fun and learning new things together. Well worth the drive. ^_^


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