An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Getting Back to the Keyboard

Over the last few years I have let my writing take a back seat because I needed to focus more on the day to day life.  I have found though that I miss it more than I thought I would, which is why I had tried to get back to it a bit lately.  My goal for the new year is to pick back up my writing and to try and share something new everyday on at least one of my blogs (today I am sharing on both).  Health may interfere with that goal but I am going to still do my best to reach it.

Since my faith is such a huge part of me and my life, one of the things I am going to be starting too is sharing some of my thoughts and lessons from my devotions time.  Those will be shared on my sister blog here.

Digital CameraBoth of my boys are doing well.  Joshua is now 7 and just lost a third front tooth this morning.  He’s pretty excited. ^_^  He has really gotten into collecting Hot Wheels cars and got a good handful of them for Christmas, including a fancy true replica car that my sister and brother-in-law found for him.  He’s been showing that one off to all who will take the time to look he’s so proud of it. lol

Joshua has also been making huge gains in OT.  His therapist has been working on finding solutions to helping strengthen and stabilize his fingers so that he can write better and without pain.  As a result, Joshua happily was able to sign his name to almost all of the Christmas cards we sent out this round!  He was so proud of himself. ^_^  He’s been working with a developmental counselor too to help work on communication, understanding, recognizing emotions, self regulation, and social skills.  He’s slowly but surely making progress there too. 🙂  He will hopefully be starting back up in PT soon now that the new year has started and his doctor team and I are working towards getting him recognized as officially disabled which will help with resources for both his Autism and his Ehlers-Danlos.

Digital CameraDavid, now 9, has been working with OT and the developmental counselor as well.  His progress has been slower and harder to achieve, but we have been blessed with a great team and they are not giving up on him.  His biggest struggles are handling routines, sensory issues, self-care/hygiene, and applying what he learns to his life and decision making.  That last one has been a doozy to deal with and has all of us on his team baffled as to how to help, but we’re not giving up.  I must admit it’s frustrating to see his echolalia and scripting get in the way of him actually taking in what we’re trying to teach him.  He repeats back perfectly parroted answers to everything, but he can’t seem to apply what he’s learned to the situations when they’re happening.  Situations like running off, social skills, personal responsibility, brother relations, etc.

All that said though, David still fills our home with lots of smiles and fun.  In some areas he has caught up to only a couple years behind and in art and creativity he’s been said to be a bit advanced.  His love for legos has developed into a new passion and his old love for Woody has regained passion level for him as well this year.  However, he is continuing to maintain at a developmental level of a toddler in most areas.  The silver lining in that though is he still has that toddler-like joy and passion for the world around him.  He helps me to remember to take life slow and to enjoy the journey more; a true blessing. 🙂 I have high hopes for this boy and his future and I know that whatever potential he ends up reaching, he will reach it to his fullest ability and shine bright from there. ❤

That's about all I have as far as updates for now.  I pray that this new year holds hope and bright futures for you all.  May 2017 be filled with blessings both big and small and plenty to keep you smiling. 🙂


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