An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A Special Gift

Digital CameraYesterday, Christmas finally ended at our house.  Or at least the present opening part of it. lol  David can’t handle all the excitement at once, even with a few presents let alone a the amount that tends to come in at Christmas time (when you count that it’s not just his but others as well unlike on birthdays).  Over the years, I’ve gotten good at just rolling with it and letting him take as long as he needs to truly enjoy the process verses become stressed or overwhelmed by it.  As a result, it usually takes us about a week to get everything unwrapped and longer to complete all the thank you calls to friends and family.

This season, we finished yesterday with three remaining gifts from their great grandmother and a gift David picked out with Grandma’s help for me.  The best part?  Grandma helped locate the item, helped get it paid for on-line and set up the shipping for it to arrive, but David himself made the choice.  He even excitedly burst into the package when it arrived and double checked every little feature and detail that he wanted to be there then wrapped it up as best he could for under the tree. ❤  It was simultaneously the most rumpled up wrapping job and the most beautifully wrapped present in the home.  And when I got to open it up yesterday evening, after waiting for David to be ready and able to handle it (he was protective of the package), I was greeted with the most beautiful Rapunzel doll from Tangled for my collection.  My heart started welling up with tears as my smile spread wide.  Usually when my oldest gets me a present he picks out things for himself, not quite understanding the concept of thinking of the person he’s trying to gift.  Lego sets, new markers, pirate ships, Woody dolls… He truly tries though and every once in awhile he does something incredibly special.  This year, he beamed brightly as he proudly and excitedly took pictures of me opening his gift.  He had heard me once talk about how I didn’t have a Rapunzel doll for my Disney doll collection yet even though she’s one of my favorites and he applied that to choosing my gift.  A rare thing for him to be able to take a conversation and apply it to future decisions like that.  This mommy’s heart was deeply touched. ❤

Digital Camera

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