An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Science Lover’s Dream

My little Joshua, the science enthusiast of the house, inspired me to take a rare trip into the middle of the major city so that I could introduce him to some real life people living out their science dreams. 🙂  I went and forgot my camera in the car though once we got there, so all I have are these insanely blurry pics from my phone. lol  At least some memories were captured though.  ^_^

While at the event, Joshua and David got to meet with real professional and college level scientists. They got to play with NASA inspired inventions, explore virtual reality, play with snakes, discover what it’s like to use a microscope, play with electricity and magnets, explore worms up close and personal, and more.    Definitely was worth the trip into the middle of Boise for this.  

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