An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Original Start

I am the mom of two precious young boys named David and Joshua.

David has been severely affected by Autism and we are currently trying to get him a service dog that can help make his life both safer and calmer.  You can learn more about us and our mission to get David the help he needs by visiting our website at  We also have an Autism awareness video posted there at the bottom of the first page that we would love for you to see and share.

This blog is being created as a means to track David’s Autism as part of a request we received as well as a way to give our supporters and followers a more personal look at who David is and who we are and what our Autism journey looks like.

Please feel free to look around, read, share, and/or follow us as much as you want.  And please check out our official website to learn more about us and see how you can help. : )

–David’s mom



  1. Richard Morgan

    I just wanted you to know that I visited and I will check back often. I want everything to work out for all of you.

    • Thank-you so much 🙂 You have been such a huge source of support and encouragement. Especially emotionally. I am truly thankful to have you in our life and I hope you know that. : )

  2. Hi Dog for David, I have sent a response to An Autism Dad’s post about KOULE. Also, I sent you a comment about your comment. I really hope you get to see them. KOULE is not an exploitation of anything. As a mum and autism researcher i am just trying to help in some way. Thanks Tamie

    • I honestly apologize if I misunderstood. The way things are worded though does make it come across that way to an extent. I will go back and look at the comments you left. I did get pretty critical in my comment too and for that I apologize as well. As Autism mom’s we are all a team and even when we disagree we should try to remain kind. Please accept my apology for that.

    • Unfortunately, I can’t see your comments on the original blog. But I do encourage you to try and cover the areas of concern (trials that have been run, research used, etc) a little more clearly and to tell your audience what you have shared here about not only being an autism researcher, but also a mom. It might help.

  3. Hi Dog for David, Thanks for your response, I really appreciate it. Both you and An Autism Dad are right about things be worded better. I will work on that today. I wouldn’t want anyone to be mislead. Which brings me to another thing… My son is not autistic, he is typically developing, although of course with challenges. I wouldn’t that to be misunderstood. The reason I got involved in Autism research was because I was a single parent and found it really challenging and so I thought, “if I am struggling, I can’t imagine how hard parents of children with autism find it”. And so I wanted to try to help. But one thing you can be sure of, is that as a mom I am on your team/side. Tamie

    • Sorry for misunderstaning about your son too. I must have read it wrong the first time. You’re right though about still being a team. I appreciate your honesty and your grace/forgiveness for my earlier harshness.

      And yeah, coming from a single mom of two toddlers (one severely affected and one possibly mildly affected) it is a struggle, but my children definitely make it all worth it. : )

  4. Thanks Dog for David, I feel like I have made a new friend, both of us united in helping all children :). I hope you get a dog for David.

    • thanks : ) and best of wishes to you and your project too : )

  5. A great website and I’ll definitely be visiting again 🙂

    • thank-you 🙂 I am glad you like it here : )

  6. Thanks for checking my blog and for all your sweet comments! Happy New Year to you and your boys 🙂

    • Hi! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 I really enjoy your blog. I found it when WordPress suggested it under the humor category. : ) Happy New Year to you too. 🙂 I wish I had found you earlier so I could have passed on one of the peer blog awards I was given because you would have definitely been on my list. : )

      Hope you are having a good day 🙂

  7. Oy! Those cheeks!!

  8. I love this Cindi and you can count on me to be there in Haysville for the art show.

  9. I have nominated you for “the super sweet bloggers award” 🙂

  10. Fynn

    Hi my name is Fynn i am 18 years old and i have autism spectrum disorder(ASD and severe dyspraxia. i am currently living in London/wandsworth town. i have 14 GCSE’S B-D(General Certificate of Secondary Education). i studied for 1 year at college in business and technology education course(BTEC) in addition applied science equivalent to 3 As levels(Advanced Syllabus) biology; b grade, chemistry; c grade physics; c grade advanced mathematics; B grade. i have a voluntary job at my local council wandsworth as an admin assistant working with a team of information officers and staticans that are collectively responsible for all services to children and young people with all variants of autism and disabilities up to the age of 25 years. i plan in the next ten years to got to university to study engineering and a biochemistry, geology, advanced mathmatics PHD’s which i am more than capable of thanks to my many gifts given to me by god
    such as; Savant syndrome, klinefelters syndrome . aspergers syndrome, lateral thinking ability
    ability to think and dream outside the box(outside the limits of the brain) and tapping into the subconscious parts which are capable of anything by using up to theoretically 95% of your brain in any daydream(brain default mode) see throught the wormhole with morgan freeman SE 2 episode 5 do we have a sixth sense available on . and BBC DOCUMENTARY THE SECRET UNIVERSE THE HIDDEN LIFE OF THE CELL FOR EVEN MORE INSIGHT INTO HOW THE HUMAN BODY WORKS: AND finally for increased comfort for all of your children and skeletal vertebrae please investigate these amazing vivobarefoot shoes that i never go out the front door without a pair;these are the most healthy comfortable, durable, elastic shoes you will ever find they last for an average of 5 years before wearing down and are made with antimicrobial ‘NANOGUARD ARMOUR’ which consits of titanium dioxide and silver nanoparticalls which are photosynthesising active(meaning are active against all microbes when in contact with any wavelength of light that is emitted onto their surface membrane i.e they are light hypersensetive. they kill up to 99.9% of microbes such as viruises, bacteria,fungi,algae. for more information visit:
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    6. every living thing is made of carbon and the special property of carbon is where in the universe was it made, well every living thing you see today is made of star dust because carbon, iron gold and all the elements of the periodic table come from stars including nearly all of the energy on earth such as the food we eat ,the air we breathe and the water we drink all were created in the hearts of many stars long before our solar system existed. 7. an average human body emits 10 times more heat per kilogram than the sun.enough to boil a gallon of water in 30 minutes. 8. cancer evaid the immune system by generating a copy of a healthy cell PAC 1 receptor which tricks the Natural killer cell into the thinking a cancer cell is normal tissue. however recent research shows that trials in human with engineered natural killers cells specifically engineer from the patients own dna that recognise and destroy all cancer cells in the body for up to 1 week after treatment, how they do this? well all cancer cell produce a CD19 receptor which isn’t found in normal healthy tissue cells except stem cells and is unique to cancer cells so scientists at MIT engineered helper t cells and natural killer cells from a patients own immune system and DNA code and reprogrammed them to search and destroy any cells with a CD19 receptor. a patient with severe myeloid leukemia was cured of cancer in four days after treatment with the engineerd immune cells.
    9. there are trials in children this year of 2013 in the united states at the centre for disease control(CDC)
    for a newly discovered drug suramin which has relieved symptoms of autism in mice and fixed faulty brain connections meant to be linked with the disorder.
    10. “There is no justification that children should be treated with any less respect or empathy than adults. children are people fully and without qualification”

  11. Fynn

    in addition the vivobarefoot shoes are machine washable at 30 degrees centigrade on a soft wash wrapped in coloured towels.
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    No heel, no midsole, no arch support, no gimmicks! VIVOBAREFOOT helps encourages us to move as million years of evolution intended – barefoot.

  12. Fynn
    please don’t delete this as spam i just have a dream like john lennon and martin luther king jr
    to make the world enjoyable and fun for everyone and i do this because every living thing on earth is related. i.e i and you share 98% of our DNA with a Banana plant. you and i share 99.8% of the same dna. numerically every living thing is very distant 50th cousins in human with every other human. so i am you familys distant 50th cousin as is every human being on earth to everyone else:) amazing universe we live in.

  13. Fynn

    sources to all science in my comments:
    thank you for reading the importance of my passion let me know how your life changes now with all this new exciting information.

  14. Fynn
    FURTHERMORE: you mentioned in your autism awareness video about david which i am impressed on your love and passion you express to help your son’s lead a the best life possible but let me if i may be another guardian angel helping you in your challenges. here is a link to a junior science book version of my favorite science book which i study constantly for my a level coursework and open university courses that i buy with my Disability LIVING ALLOWANCE(DLA)
    which you sadly don’t get in the united states which is 3000 times larger than great britain and i am surprised at your countries slow progress towards the utopia’s of france germany australia and great britain and republic of ireland. in the uk i have had a specialist teaching and learning support assistant in every class i had in every classroom sitting next to me patiently teaching me how work like a normal child after i was diagnosed with ASD and DCD (DEVELOPMENTAL COORDINATION DISORDER) SEVERE DYSPRAXIA FOR SHORT. at age seven i had guardian angels with invisible wings(that only children in need can see) appear when i needed them most
    at age seven when i was finally statemented with a diagnosis of SEN (special educational needs)
    and assigned a TLA for the rest of my primary school life up till the age of 11 years i had the most amazing support from the most amazing patient empathetic TEACHERS you will ever meet
    and learn of in history. it would improve the lives of your children a tremendous amount if you switched to living in britain like me there free health care as long as you pay 2% of your income to the national welfare service and local education board. 2% of everyone’s income no matter who they are can provide a lot of amazing things for children with ASD and adults trying to do whats best for their children.which i am suggesting to you the best advice your likely going get from any outside source. Furthermore because of XXY syndrome i will be eventually in the next ten years months or day sadly infertile so i may never be able to have my own children so i have passion to treat every child on earth as if they were my own which they are scientfically 99.8999999999% my genes.

    • This looks like a very cool book. Thanks for sharing it with me. I will be looking it up for David for sure. 🙂

      As far as the rest, I did my best to read and understand it all, but I must admit that I have never been very good with science and things like that so I had trouble understanding it all. I can tell though that you are very smart and I thank you for sharing all that you have here. I can also tell that you care and I appreciate that greatly. : ) For future reference though, if you would like to connect with us more and/or share more things like this, I encourage you to check out our facebook page where the format is built more for things like this. You can find us at

      Thanks Fynn : )

  15. Fynn

    MY LAST POINT FOR NOW; if i did not have that support in primary or secondary school i would not be the same person today in fact i don’t want to worry you but you might want to keep a harness on your kids minds when they reach puberty because that is the most difficult time for anyone with autism to cope with the change from childhood to the scary complex adult world i myself on on anti anxiety and anti depression medication prescribed by my doctor for severe anxiety and depression and suicidal thoughts which i very nearly acted on luckily for me my parents watch me like hawks when i am down and stop me from irrationally harming myself

    • I am glad to know that your parents watch out for you like that and that you have gotten the support you needed in school. : )

  16. Fynn another fascinating link to a brillant scientist and a guardian to all who seek true knowledge and wisdom of science.

  17. Fynn

    Finally your son david reminds me of the kid in my favorite sci fi thriller AI 2001

    • I had never seen that show before, but followed the link you gave. Looks like a moving story and a good movie. Thanks for sharing that with me. : )

  18. Fynn

    • Thank-you for sharing this. 🙂 An encouraging verse indeed. : )

  19. Hi! I enjoyed your posts in your blog. I have an autistic sister and I would love to get a therapy dog for her as well. Good luck with your journey! 🙂

    • Thank-you 🙂 Glad to have you here 🙂

  20. thank-you 🙂

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